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Can I Get an Uncontested Divorced in Dallas?

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TX divorce lawyerAlthough divorce is often a difficult and contentious process, it is not necessarily this way for everyone. Many Texas couples, recognizing that they are simply incompatible or that they would be happier apart, are willing to make an effort to resolve their issues outside of court in an uncontested or “agreed” divorce. While this is often easier for couples who have not been married for very long and do not share property or children, uncontested divorces are available to most Dallas couples who want one.

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

To get an uncontested divorce, a Texas couple must agree to all of the issues involved in a traditional divorce. Depending on a couple’s circumstances, this could include major elements like alimony, child custody arrangements, marital property division, and even minor ones like what to do with the family pet. As long as a couple agrees on all issues, they can agree before a judge to skip the trial process and create a divorce decree containing their agreed-upon terms.

In contrast, a contested divorce is one in which spouses disagree on one or more issues and require the help of mediation or the court to decide on issues of fact, fairness, or the application of law. While couples in an uncontested divorce can also use mediation to their advantage, they would do so before filing for divorce and then present their agreement to the court for approval.

What Are the Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce?

Uncontested divorces are appealing because they can usually be completed faster and cheaper than contested divorces. Many couples are willing to compromise more selflessly when the prospect of avoiding a trial or protracted legal fight is the reward. While this is certainly appealing, couples should be careful that they do not agree to things that could hurt them in the long run financially or to custody arrangements that may compromise their relationship with their children.

Do We Need an Attorney For an Uncontested Divorce?

While many couples represent themselves during an uncontested divorce, it is advisable to hire an attorney to help you review the law and make sure you are creating an agreement that is fair and which will be approved by a court.

It may also be a good idea to consult with an attorney before you file for divorce to make sure you qualify for an uncontested divorce. Couples who have preexisting court orders about custody or child support, who disagree about whether to end the marriage or who are dealing with issues like domestic violence may not be suitable for an uncontested divorce.

Call a Dallas Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Having an experienced Dallas uncontested divorce attorney on your side can help you avoid costly errors and ensure your divorce is as streamlined as possible. Call the offices of Clark Law Group today to schedule a consultation and start looking forward to life after divorce.



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