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Can I Pay Child Support Without Going to a Dallas Courthouse?

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TX family lawyerParents getting divorced in Texas are justifiably concerned about how the divorce could impact their children. In addition to having to possibly move out of the family home, the children must adjust to life with only one parent at a time. Parents likewise experience major transitions during divorce, especially in relation to their children, and one of the most important areas of change is child support.

Parents wishing to save time and money may wonder if they can create a child support agreement on their own without help from a court. To understand more about how establishing child support payments works in Texas, read on.

Can Parents Create Their Own Child Support Agreement?

Parents in Texas are encouraged to resolve issues in their divorce without litigating them in court. While this usually saves time and money, it also spares parents and children the anxiety and conflict of hashing things out in front of a judge.

Parents can negotiate child support independently, with the help of an attorney, or with the help of a divorce mediator. They can agree to make payments monthly, in a lump sum, or sometimes even in a property settlement. Many parents have money taken out of their paycheck, which is then distributed to the other parent through the state. Some parents pay exactly according to the state guidelines, some pay more, and some agree to pay less. If both parents make the same amount of money and split the time with the children 50/50, there may be no child support at all. As long as the child’s best interests are provided for, the agreement is fair, and a judge signs off on it, the arrangement that works best for both parents is usually the right choice.

Do We Have to Have a Formal Child Support Agreement?

Some parents who have never been married hope to avoid the hassle and expense of a court altogether and enter into a mere verbal agreement with their child’s other parent. This can be a major mistake for the parent paying child support because courts may not recognize that child support has been paid at all, especially if there is no proof of payments. Likewise, the parent receiving child support will have a much greater challenge getting child support payments if the paying parent stops paying. Doing more work upfront to legally establish a child support order can save parents a lot of time, money, and heartache in the long run.

Consult with a Dallas, TX Child Support Lawyer

Parents who wish to make child support agreements in Texas must be sure they fully understand Texas family law. If you are getting divorced or have just become a first-time parent to a child, schedule a meeting with a Dallas, TX child support lawyer at Clark Law Group. We work to inform our clients of their obligations under the law and whether you will be making or receiving payments, we can represent you throughout the child support establishment process. Call us today at 469-906-2266.



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