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Can Mediation Help Resolve All of Our Issues in a Divorce?

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dallas divorce lawyerCouples getting divorced in Texas often find that they are unable to resolve their differences without professional help. And no wonder - after years of marriage, a couple’s communication patterns are often unproductive but very difficult to change. Furthermore, each partner is likely to have strong feelings and preferences on various issues that likely are incompatible with their spouse’s preferences. This is where a mediator can help. 

Some couples need the help of a mediator throughout their entire divorce process. Others can resolve certain issues easily while requiring help with others. Whatever your situation may be, here are three areas in which divorce mediation may be helpful.

Possession and Access

Rather than using the terms “custody” and “visitation,” Texas law uses “managing conservatorship” and “possessory conservatorship,” which mean the same thing, respectively. The parent or parents with managing conservatorship have the authority to make important decisions for a child on issues bigger than day-to-day concerns; the parent or parents with possessory conservatorship have the right to spend time with their children. 

Issues related to children can be the most difficult to resolve in a divorce. Mediation can help by allowing each parent to identify and articulate their preferences and then gradually work towards a compromise. 


Known in Texas as “spousal maintenance,” alimony is available in far fewer divorce cases now than it was in the past. But if one spouse has spent a significant amount of time forgoing professional opportunities in lieu of providing childcare, mediation can help a couple create a fair arrangement that allows that spouse time and resources to get on her feet financially after the divorce. 

Asset Division

While Texas is a community property state, couples do not have to divide every asset right down the middle. Instead, a mediator can help a couple negotiate a customized asset division that feels fair to both parties. This is true for a couple’s outstanding debts as well. Spouses can trade certain assets for others and can even include alimony as part of their overall financial negotiations. 

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Whether you and your spouse decide to pursue mediation, you will want the help of a team of Fort Worth divorce attorneys with Clark Law Group. We are willing to work with you and whoever else you want to bring into the divorce process - mediators, therapists, financial experts, and more. No matter what, you can rely on our experience and knowledge of the law to benefit you. Call us today to schedule a comprehensive consultation at 469-906-2266




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