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Divorce is complicated as is, but when you throw in two people who are self-employed, it becomes even more so. With a self-employed individual, it can be difficult to discern just how much he or she really makes each year. Moreover, it can be easy for a self-employed individual to hide assets, or at least downplay earnings.

On the other hand, the individual who is self-employed may be concerned about what will become of his or her business post-divorce. The business owner needs to take measures to safeguard his or her business, no matter how lucrative it actually is.


Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for adult children to estrange themselves from their parents. Because estrangement is a relatively silent epidemic, there are no hard and fast numbers for how many families are estranged, but the vast number of resources available to parents and grandparents alike suggest that the number is far greater than many would assume. That said, if you are estranged from your child and his or her partner, know that you are not alone. Also know that while no law in the world can bring you and your child back together, there may be something you can do about reconnecting with your grandchildren.

Grandparent Visitation Rights

Before you get your hopes up, know that Texas courts will always rule in favor of what is in the best interests of the child. Oftentimes, this means siding with the parents. However, in many instances, being barred from seeing one's grandparents is detrimental to a child's emotional and even physical wellbeing. To prove that is the case with your grandchild, you must prove at least one of the following elements to be true:


In a divorce, most individuals expect to divide assets such as income, the house, vehicles, and even the children, but when they are told that they must split their retirement savings or pension plans with their former spouse, they are shocked. After all, you expected to split the past with your ex, but now you have to share a piece of your future with them, as well?

According to the Texas Family Code, retirement pension plans are considered a part of the marital income, and income is considered joint marital property. As such, any retirement savings you and your former spouse had accumulated during the marriage is divided between the two of you in a divorce, despite each party's contribution (or lack thereof) to the account.

How Much of Your Pension is Your Former Spouse Entitled to?

Fortunately, Texas does not force you to split your entire pension with your former spouse; you must only surrender half of what was accumulated during the duration of the marriage. In very rare instances, the court may grant one spouse interests in future retirement earnings if they feel that one spouse contributed more to the marriage than the other. Again though, this is a very rare occurrence.


When people think of witnesses at trial, they generally think of witnesses in criminal law cases or even in personal injury cases. Most likely they do not think of witnesses in divorce cases; however, some divorce cases are so complex that they require substantial evidence before a judge can make a decision.

Witness testimony is one valuable form of evidence that a judge may need before he or she can make a final decision. When witness testimony is necessary, either one or both party's attorneys, or possibly the judge, might subpoena the person who holds the desired information.

Are you are going through a complex divorce case? You may experience the subpoenaing of a witness.


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So, you want to know what becomes of your diamond ring in the event of a divorce? Some people will tell you that the engagement ring is a gift, and that women should be able to keep it in the divorce, or even if the engagement falls through entirely. Others will say that the ring is a gift with contingencies-namely that the woman should be able to keep it so long as the marriage is good; if the marriage falters or if the engagement falls through, the woman must give the ring back. The latter belief is more in line with what is deemed 'socially acceptable,' but what is socially acceptable is not always what people do. If you are in a situation in which you are not sure what to do with your engagement ring-give it back or keep it-our Dallas property division lawyers at Clark Law Group can share a few guiding principles to follow.

How to Determine the Ownership of the Ring

Determining the ownership of an engagement ring all depends on the circumstances leading up to the dissolution of the relationship. Consider the following situations:


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