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dallas divorce lawyer Divorce in Texas is hard enough without throwing unnecessary complications into the mix. Unfortunately, for many divorcing individuals, switching an attorney partway through the divorce process turns out to be a highly necessary complication. Although some cases of changing a divorce attorney cannot be avoided (such as if your attorney dies or cannot continue working), many unresponsive, irresponsible, or careless attorneys can be identified by carefully interviewing attorneys when you start searching at the very beginning of the divorce process. If you are looking for a divorce attorney, make sure you keep an eye out for these five red flags. 

An Attorney With Exclusive Experience in Other Areas of Law

Some law firms practice many different types of law, which is not a problem. But if an attorney with the vast majority of her experience in real estate law is trying to pick up a few family law cases on the side, you may want to avoid her practice in lieu of someone who has specific experience in family law. 

An Attorney Who Seems Not to Care About Your Case

Different personalities have different communication styles, but you can tell when someone is interested in your case. If an attorney seems careless, flippant, or otherwise indicates no interest in your success, move on. 


Texas Residency Requirements for Divorce 

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dallas divorce lawyerBefore you can file for divorce in Texas, you need to make sure you meet state residency requirements. Just because someone lives in Texas does not automatically mean that they qualify for residency, and filing for divorce without meeting the residency requirements can delay the divorce process and ultimately make it cost more time and money. If you want to get divorced in Texas, here are some important things to know. 

How Long Do I Need to Live in Texas Before I Can File for Divorce? 

If you have lived in Texas for at least six months, either you or your spouse can file for divorce in Texas. If you file for divorce, you must have lived in the county in which you want to file for divorce for at least 90 days. Even if your spouse lives in another state and will only be responding to your petition, a Texas court has jurisdiction over them if: 

  • You lived together in Texas as the last state of the marital relationship


dallas divorce lawyerMost spouses want to get through their Texas divorce as peaceably as possible and avoid unnecessary conflict. Reasonable negotiation efforts often prove very helpful to these spouses as they seek to divide marital property and create a fair parenting plan. 

Unfortunately, some spouses have unstable or violent personalities that can turn a divorce into a nightmare. If your spouse has begun to destroy property, spend money irresponsibly, or sell or give property away, you may need to take immediate action to recover your portion of the wasted assets and prevent further waste. 

File For Divorce Right Away

If neither you nor your spouse have yet filed for divorce, you need to do so right away. It is virtually impossible to protect your property without a court issuing an order placing limits on your spouse’s behavior. 


dallas divorce lawyerPeople all over the world use social media - so much so that someone is a bit of an outlier if they do not. And while such ubiquitous social media use can be a great resource for staying in touch with friends and family, it does have its pitfalls. Divorce is a time when social media can easily turn from a tool into a weapon, including being used as evidence in divorce proceedings. While you should always use social media carefully, exercise extra caution during your divorce. An experienced Texas divorce attorney can help you learn more about how social media can be used safely during divorce; in the meantime, here are five things to do and not do. 

Do Not Post Negative Things About Your Marriage

Divorce typically comes on the heels of many years of resentment and loneliness. It can be natural to want to reach out to your friends and followers to get sympathy and a listening ear. However, experts caution that saying negative things about your marriage or your ex can become a permanent record that could crop up in divorce proceedings. 

Do Make Your Social Media Private

If you choose to use social media during divorce, make sure your privacy settings are carefully set to provide you with the maximum amount of privacy possible. Go through your friends list and remove anyone you worry may comb through your profile for information to use against you. Consider making yourself unsearchable and definitely make it so nobody can tag you in pictures without your approval. 


dallas divorce lawyerCouples getting divorced in Texas often find that they are unable to resolve their differences without professional help. And no wonder - after years of marriage, a couple’s communication patterns are often unproductive but very difficult to change. Furthermore, each partner is likely to have strong feelings and preferences on various issues that likely are incompatible with their spouse’s preferences. This is where a mediator can help. 

Some couples need the help of a mediator throughout their entire divorce process. Others can resolve certain issues easily while requiring help with others. Whatever your situation may be, here are three areas in which divorce mediation may be helpful.

Possession and Access

Rather than using the terms “custody” and “visitation,” Texas law uses “managing conservatorship” and “possessory conservatorship,” which mean the same thing, respectively. The parent or parents with managing conservatorship have the authority to make important decisions for a child on issues bigger than day-to-day concerns; the parent or parents with possessory conservatorship have the right to spend time with their children. 

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