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One of the most difficult aspects of a Dallas divorce is determining child custody arrangements. No parent wants to have to split time with a child, which is why more often than not, child custody discussions end up turning more into a battle. Custody battles are not healthy for the children, however, and nor are they healthy for the parents. At the Clark Law Group our child custody attorneys encourage parents to sit down with one another and civilly discuss each party's custody goals. Of course, each party will have to compromise on some issues, but a parenting plan on which both parents can agree is the best parenting plan of all.

Elements of a Fair Parenting Plan

The attorneys at the Clark Law Group encourage our clients to work towards a collaborative divorce to minimize conflict and eliminate stressors. One of the best ways to do this is to create a shared parenting plan that both parties can agree on prior to going before a judge. When creating your parenting plan, it is important to consider the following elements:


Whether you are familiar with Texas law or not, you are likely well aware of the fact that Texas law is a bit different than that of other states. For instance, Texas does not have a state income tax; Texas homestead laws are some of the strongest in the nation, so even if a creditor wanted to boot a Texan from his or her home, the creditor probably could not; and Texas barely recognizes annulments. We say barely because annulments are recognized, but the chances of obtaining one are very slim. At Clark Law Group, our Dallas annulment lawyers are regularly approached about the possibility of annulment, and we regularly have to tell individuals that annulment is not an option. That said, if you are married and hope to get an annulment, there are a few things you must understand about Texas annulments first.

To Get an Annulment in Texas, Your Marriage Must be Void or Voidable

While the terms may seem redundant, they mean different things. A void marriage is a marriage that could not have been, while a voidable marriage is one that never should have been. We will explore the nuances of each below:


Mediation is one of the top alternative dispute resolutions utilized by divorcing couples in Dallas, Texas. Mediation allows the two parties to discuss their expectations for the divorce, compromise and negotiate, and settle on an agreement that both parties are happy with. The greatest benefit of divorce mediation, though, is that it allows the two parties to save money on litigation and attorney's fees. However, mediation is only as successful as you make it. Mediation does not do either party any good if each is unwilling to compromise or is out to make the other 'pay.' At the Clark Law Group, our divorce attorneys can guide you toward the best possible outcome via mediation. Our years of experience has taught us what clients should and should not do to find success through mediation.

Top Five Mistakes Couples Make in Divorce Mediation

Mediation involves working collaboratively and can yield hugely successful results. However, it can also easily go from helpful to counterproductive. Here are five ways in which divorce mediation can - and has - gone south:


Divorce is confusing. Even if clients think they know what to expect, they are almost always surprised. Divorce comes with it a whole slew of emotions, legal technicalities, and yes, myths. From 'the mother always gets the children' to 'all assets are split 50/50,' our clients at the Clark Law Group typically enter the divorce process with preconceived notions about the rules of divorce. These preconceived notions often result in upset and dissatisfaction at the final divorce settlement. As seasoned divorce attorneys, our job is to advise you on Texas divorce rules, present you with realistic expectations, and guide you toward an outcome that combines the two.

Five Property Division Myths to Watch Out For

Friends and family members who have gone through a divorce likely have advice to offer you regarding property division. This advice may leave you feeling stressed out and wondering if your life post-divorce will be one of desolation and financial-hardship. The good news is that, while well-intentioned, this advice is often misguided. The following are the top five myths regarding Dallas property division:


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Alimony, outside of child custody, can be one of the most difficult aspects of divorce. For the payer, having to give a former spouse money is a tough pill to swallow. On the other hand, the recipient's pride is on the line, and accepting money from his or her current spouse is not so easy to deal with, either. However, the truth of the matter is that a judge only awards alimony these days when he or she feels that the payments are necessary in order for the recipient to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. For most alimony recipients, this is precisely the case.

Many individuals rely on their alimony support each month to supplement their income and enable them to pay their bill payments on time. When alimony payments are late, if they stop arriving altogether, or if there is even a whisper that alimony payments are going to end due to the illness of the former spouse, the anticipated death of the former spouse, or a permanent disability sustained by the former spouse, it can cause feelings of panic in the recipients, as they are unable to financially support themselves. Fortunately, there is something called 'alimony insurance.'

What is Alimony Insurance?

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