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The lawyer you hire to represent you in your Dallas divorce can make or break your case. The right divorce lawyer will be your partner throughout your entire divorce journey, and even possibly years afterwards as issues arise with the divorce agreement. The right lawyer will understand your goals for divorce and take proactive measures to ensure those goals are met. The right lawyer will make every effort to achieve the best possible outcome while keeping legal fees and litigation to a bare minimum.

At the Clark Law Group, we are our clients' partners in divorce, and should you find yourself facing an impending separation, we are waiting to be your partner, too.

The Value of a Strong Attorney-Client Relationship


Valuation of Your Home During a Divorce

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'Who gets the house?'

This is one of the most commonly asked questions during a Dallas divorce, and honestly, we cannot give you a straight answer until we know what your house is worth.

A house is a marital asset just like a bank account, vehicle, jewelry, artwork, or any other marital possession obtained during the course of a marriage. As such, it needs to be valued and divided as any other marital asset would be. Unfortunately, one cannot split a house into two, and so more often than not, the marital home is sold, and the earnings distributed equally amongst the two parties. Otherwise, one spouse may retain the house, but the other will receive the house's worth in other marital assets.


Each court is only as good as the judge that presides over it, and if a judge is 'too strict,' 'too biased,' or 'too old-fashioned,' the court and the district are going to gain an adverse reputation within the community. Some individuals are aware of the court's reputation, and so try to avoid the courts altogether; others are unaware of the judge's preferences until they come face to face with the judge themselves. However, whether or not you agree with the presiding judge's way of doing things does not matter; if you need a case settled within that judge's jurisdiction, you are going to have to deal with said judge-unless, that is, you can get a change of venue.

A change of venue is not easy to get in Dallas, Texas. At the Clark Law Group, we do everything in our power to accommodate our clients' needs, including helping them obtain a change in venue when we feel that the current venue is directly contributing to the negativity surrounding their case.

Grounds for a Change of Venue in Dallas, Texas


What to do if Your Divorce is Taking Too Long

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One thing that many people do not understand when they initiate a divorce is that the process is tedious and long. Even if the couple remains amicable and agreeable throughout the entire divorce, the process can still take up to six months to complete. A contested divorce, on the other hand, can last for more than a year.

While the length of a divorce greatly depends on a couple's unique circumstances, if you feel like your divorce is dragging on for too long unnecessarily, it may be best to speak with a different lawyer than the one you have been using. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate the divorce process in a timely and cost-effective manner.

At the Clark Law Group, our attorneys have helped countless individuals obtain a succinct divorce. Divorce does not have to be a complicated and drawn out mess. With the right lawyer and the right mindset, it can be relatively quick and painless.


Can a Divorce be Dismissed in Dallas, TX?

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Sometimes a couple will file for divorce, only to realize halfway through the process that they do not, in fact, want to get a divorce. Fortunately, simply filing for divorce does not make the separation permanent. So long as both parties agree to a reconciliation before the divorce is final, it can be dismissed without any further ado. However, the sooner you realize in the process that divorce is not for you, the better, as it will help you keep legal and attorney fees to a minimum.

If you and your spouse have already begun the divorce process but have decided that you no longer want to go through with it, reach out to the family law attorneys at the Law Offices of Stephen Clark. We can help you get the divorce dismissed with as little hassle and fanfare as possible.

Nonsuit a Divorce in Dallas, TX

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