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Dallas, TX protective order lawyerThere are few things more frightening than feeling threatened by a violent person. This is even more the case when it comes to feeling threatened by a member of your own family. If you feel threatened by a family member, know that you are not alone and have options. The law is on your side. 

According to the Texas Council on Family Violence, one in three Texans will experience domestic violence sometime during their lifetime. Domestic violence is especially troubling because so many sufferers are hesitant to contact the police out of fear that it will further agitate the violent person or that their family members will get into trouble. It is important to remember that whether family or not, no one has the right to be violent toward another person. If you feel threatened by a family member and fear for your safety, consult a Texas attorney to pursue a protective order to keep yourself safe from harm. 

When to File a Protective Order

Violence of any kind can inflict a lifetime of trauma and suffering. When violence is directed at you by a family member, this can be especially devastating. Your family is supposed to protect and support you. Contacting the police can be an intimidating thing. But remember, you deserve protection. You may wonder when the right time to file a protective order is. Consider filing a protective order if someone: 


TXOne very common but unfortunate consequence of a Texas divorce is the severing of relationships between spouses and their in-laws. While the spouses themselves may not feel this is a bad thing, their children and the children’s grandparents are often negatively affected by the sudden disappearance of the time they spend together.

Grandparents play an important role in the love and nurturing of young children and when a sudden estrangement occurs, it can be heartbreaking for the grandparents and confusing and tragic for the children. If you are in this situation, there is hope - Texas recognizes that children often benefit from having a relationship with their grandparents, and, if it would be in the child’s best interests, it may be possible for grandparents to be awarded visitation with or even custody of their grandchild.

When Can I Get Visitation With My Grandchild?

Texas family courts are primarily concerned with understanding the child’s best interests and ensuring his or her family arrangements protect those interests. At times, this means courts will support a parent’s decision not to let the child visit with the grandparent. Other times, however, a sudden estrangement from a grandparent is sufficiently disruptive to the child’s life that visitation would clearly be in the child’s best interests.


TX family lawyerMany women who have a child outside of marriage or immediately following a divorce may wonder whether they want to involve the child’s father. By the time a child is born, a woman may know enough about a man to feel as though the benefits she and the child would get from child support or shared custody would not be worth the hassle of dealing with a bum or an abuser.

Some women may have already tried to get a man to voluntarily acknowledge paternity of a child to no avail and may be wondering whether it would be easier to keep him out of the picture altogether. Before you give up on establishing paternity, there are some important considerations you may want to balance. An experienced Texas paternity lawyer can help you weigh your options and come to a decision.

What are the Benefits of Establishing Paternity?

Establishing paternity can have many benefits for the mother, the father, and, most importantly, the child. While a mother may clearly see a man’s character as lacking in important areas, a child nonetheless needs the guidance of his or her father and a man may prove himself worthy of stepping up to meet this challenge, even if he is imperfect.


TX divorce lawyerChoosing a Texas divorce attorney is a difficult and daunting task and one that most of us hope to do only once. Yet with a little care and precaution, even without any experience, you can find a great attorney who can help you manage even the most complex aspects of your divorce. If you are hiring a divorce attorney for the first time, here are five helpful tips.

Do Not Quickly Hire the First Attorney You Talk To

You may ultimately end up working with the first attorney with whom you meet, but even if they seem wonderful, do not hire them right away. Many attorneys excel at drawing in clients but do not necessarily provide the same quality of service and follow-up. Look around, examine your options, and visit many offices to get a feel for the friendliness, professionalism, and responsiveness of different attorneys.

Avoid Gimmicks

Many attorneys will offer lump-sum services in flashy advertisements to draw in clients. Unfortunately, many of these attorneys do not even have the appropriate experience and knowledge to get you the help you need. Be wary of any arrangement that sounds too good to be true - it probably is.


Issues a Prenup Can and Cannot Address

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Dallas prenup attorneysPrenuptial agreements can be an excellent way for a couple soon to be married to come to an agreement about how certain things would be settled in the event of a divorce. Property division is quite frequently the major concern for couples who seek out a prenuptial agreement. Developing a prenuptial agreement is a wise decision for many couples. Marriages do end in divorce quite frequently, and having a strong prenuptial or postnuptial contract in place can certainly make the divorce process easier. 

However, there are limits on what a couple can legally agree to in a prenuptial agreement. Before signing a prenuptial agreement, it is crucial that you speak with your own attorney who can make sure that you are well-protected in the contract. 

What Can Couples Legally Agree to in a Prenuptial Agreement?

Couples make the choice to create a prenuptial agreement for a wide variety of important reasons. Often, prenuptial agreements are used when one or both parties have significant assets, have an ownership interest in a business, or have other complex financial concerns. In Texas, prenuptial agreements can cover: 

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