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Dallas injury workplace lawyerEvery hardworking employee in Texas has the right to a safe workplace. But in Texas, workplace injury liability can be complicated, especially for those unfamiliar with the law.

The Texas Occupational Safety and Health Act (TOSHA) and Texas Labor Codes outline requirements that give employees some safety nets for workplace injury claims. For help processing a workplace injury claim you should contact a personal injury attorney. They can help you with the filing of your claim and represent you if necessary.

The Texas Occupational Safety and Health Act (TOSHA)

The Texas Occupational Safety and Health Act (TOSHA) requires employers to provide a workplace free from recognized hazards that are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to employees.


Dallas, TX personal injury lawyerIf you have been injured in an accident and have scheduled your first meeting with a personal injury attorney, you may be unsure of what information you should bring with you. In order for us to understand the full extent of the accident and your injuries, as well as provide you with a thorough case evaluation, you should bring as much information as you can. The following is a list of what that information should include.

Documents About the Accident

Make sure to bring all documentation you have of the accident, such as police reports, accident reports, and any letters or emails you have gotten from insurance companies. It is important to give your attorney the contact information of the other party or parties, as well as any witnesses to the accident. You should also bring your auto insurance policy documents with you. These documents can help your attorney understand your coverage and limitations.

All Records of Communication

It is highly recommended that you should not speak to the other party or their insurance company before speaking to an attorney. However, if you have had any communication with any insurance companies or the other party, you should bring this information to give to your attorney.


fort worth slip and fall lawyerMillions of people seek medical care every year after slipping and falling, and many of these accidents happen when someone is a patron of a restaurant. Although restaurants are not automatically responsible for slip and fall injuries, if they are responsible, you may be able to successfully pursue compensation for a variety of damages. Read on for an overview of how to sue a restaurant in a slip and fall case, and then contact a Texas personal injury attorney for help. 

Know the Law on Texas Slip and Fall Injury Cases

Whether you were badly injured, lightly injured, or even partly responsible for your injuries, you need to have a general understanding of the Texas laws that may apply in your case. To begin with, you can only seek compensation from a restaurant if you have 50 percent or less responsibility for your injuries. You will also need to file a case before the statute of limitations applies - two years from the date of the injury, or from the date you realized you were injured after the slip and fall. 

If you are within those guidelines, you will need to prove that the restaurant or property owner was negligent and, therefore, responsible for the conditions that caused you to slip and fall. You will also need to prove that the accident caused you real damages, such as an injury requiring medical care or valuable personal property (such as a watch or handbag) that was damaged. 


b2ap3_thumbnail_fort-worth-oilfield-injury-lawyer_20220624-163948_1.jpgTexas oilfields are a crucial part of our nation’s infrastructure. The men and women who work these often dangerous jobs keep our cars driving, our heat on, and our packages delivered. But oilfield jobs are not without risks, and every so often the risks are so serious that victims of oilfield accidents are incapacitated or killed. For example, just a few months ago, a mother and father of young children were killed when they succumbed to fumes from a gas leak at a pump house while their children waited for them in a car. 

Tragedies like these affect extended families and communities, but for the immediate family members, the loss or handicap of the person who is often the family’s sole breadwinner has long-term implications for a family’s financial future. If you or a family member have been injured or killed in an oilfield accident, seek legal help before settling with the responsible party. 

Common Oilfield Accidents

While the circumstances surrounding every injury differ in certain respects, many injuries sustained by oilfield workers share similarities. Some of the most common injuries happen during the following situations: 


IL injury lawyerBeing violently robbed is one of the most terrifying experiences that can happen to a person. The loss of property often pales in comparison to the fear, trauma, and physical injuries that a victim of robbery may experience in such an event. Following the event, lost sleep, flashbacks, and nausea are common, as are long recovery times from broken bones, lacerations, and even gunshot wounds.

If you have been seriously injured in a Texas robbery, you may feel like you are left to heal and recover alone. Fortunately, you may have options for taking legal action in a personal injury lawsuit.

Who is Responsible for an Injury During a Robbery?

While robberies that happen in a private home or on a city street may leave no one responsible but the perpetrator himself, you may be able to recover civil damages for personal injury in addition to the criminal punishments he will face.

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