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Fort Worth family law attorneyWhile it may not seem like the most romantic thing a couple should do – in fact, it may seem counter-intuitive – one of the most important items an engaged couple should have on their wedding to-do list is to have a prenuptial agreement drawn up by a Texas family lawyer. Although the purpose of a prenup is to address what will happen to the couple’s assets should they divorce, it can actually add a positive aspect to the couple’s relationship.

Benefits of a Prenup

Honest Discussions

One of the most common reasons couples cite for divorcing is disagreements over finances. Unfortunately, many couples get caught up in the “romantic” side of dating, that they often do not learn what their partner’s attitude is when it comes to saving and spending until after they say, “I do.” This is especially true for couples who do not live together before getting married.


Dallas, TX personal injury lawyerIn Texas, establishments such as bars, restaurants, and clubs, can be held legally accountable for the consequences of serving alcohol to visibly intoxicated individuals or minors who subsequently cause accidents that result in injuries or death to others. The following is a brief overview of the law. If you have been injured by a drunk driver, contact a Texas personal injury attorney for legal assistance.


Under the Texas Dram Shop Law, establishments that serve alcohol can be held liable for the actions of an intoxicated person if they continue to serve alcohol to that individual when it is clear that that person poses a danger to themselves or others. The purpose of the law is to prevent serving alcohol to those who are already visibly intoxicated.

The law places importance on the concept of visible intoxication, which refers to clear signs of impairment that would be evident to a reasonable person. It is not necessary for the individual to have a high blood alcohol concentration; rather, the focus is on their behavior, speech, coordination, and other observable signs of intoxication.


dallas divorce lawyerShock. Surprise. Anger. All of these feelings are very common in people who have been surprised with divorce papers. You may have known that your marriage was not going well, but a process server showing up at your house with a Petition for Divorce might still have been an unpleasant, unexpected event. 

Even if you were completely caught off guard when your spouse served you with divorce papers, it is essential to respond carefully and thoughtfully. Rushing angrily into the divorce process will do far more harm than good, even if your anger is completely justified. Begin with understanding the legal terms of divorce, dates for responding to your spouse’s petition, and other important details. Then work with an experienced Texas divorce attorney to develop a strategy for managing your divorce process

My Spouse Served Me With Divorce Papers. What Do I Need to Do First? 

The first thing you need to do is understand that you are now the “respondent” and your spouse is the “petitioner.” Neither the respondent nor the petitioner are more advantageous but it is important to know who you are so you can understand the divorce papers in front of you. 


dallas divorce lawyerAs many people who have gotten divorced can testify, the decision to get a divorce in Texas is not always so clear-cut. Even when someone is sure they are making the right choice, she may question herself, have doubts, and even feel regrets. In some cases, a divorcing couple will realize partway through the process that they want to try to resolve their problems and stay married. If this sounds like you, read on. 

Can We Cancel Our Divorce? 

If both spouses want to stop the divorce process, they simply need to file a motion for dismissal and the process will be over. If only one spouse was seeking to get a divorce, and the other spouse had not responded with his or her petition, only the first spouse needs to file a motion for dismissal. This is called a Notice of Nonsuit. 

If one spouse wants to continue with the divorce, the divorce will go on. Even if the other spouse decides not to cooperate at all, a judge can finalize the divorce without the help or input of the non-cooperative spouse. A spouse cannot simply “cancel” her divorce in the hopes that the divorce will not move forward. 


dallas child support lawyerFor most Texas parents, child support payments stop when their youngest child turns 18 or graduates from high school. But when a child has a disability that prevents him or her from becoming financially independent, the usual limits may not apply and a parent may be required to pay child support for an adult child indefinitely. For a brief overview of adult child support, read this blog and then contact a Texas family law attorney for help with your case. 

When Does an Adult Child Qualify for Child Support in Texas? 

For a parent to be responsible for their adult child indefinitely, the child must have a disability that meets certain requirements and which manifested before age 18. A child with debilitating depression or who has been in a serious car accident once she is already an adult will not qualify, even if she still lives at home. If the disability was known before age 18, the parent requesting child support payments must show that: 

  • The child has a mental or physical disability, and

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