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TX work injuryConstruction sites are one of the most hazardous work environments of any occupation. Despite the numerous safety measures in place, accidents continue to happen, leading to devastating consequences for workers and their families. In Texas, the construction industry is a significant contributor to the state's economy, and with the ongoing growth, it is essential to understand the common causes of construction site accidents.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for construction site injuries to result in fatalities. Today, we will examine common causes of construction site accidents and what can be done if you or someone you love is injured or killed while on the job. Suppose a construction site injury has impacted you. In that case, you will need aggressive legal representation as you determine what caused your injury and whether compensation can or should be pursued against your employer. Consider contacting a knowledgeable workers' compensation attorney who will fight to protect your rights and pursue a case outcome in your favor.

What Are Common Causes of Construction Site Injuries?

Many different causes may be to blame for construction site injuries. These include the following:


TX injury lawyerIn many areas of the country, employers are required to supply their employees with workers’ compensation coverage. However, you may be surprised to learn that in Texas, there is no law requiring employers to purchase or provide their employees with workers’ compensation insurance. As a result, if you suffer a personal injury in the workplace, it is likely that you will not have any safety net to fall back on. Thus, you will be required to pursue compensation for your injuries through a personal injury claim on your own.

If you work in Texas and are injured on the job, do not fret, as an experienced personal injury lawyer can be incredibly beneficial in helping you work through and help you better understand the essential legal considerations at play regarding workplace injuries in Texas. In cases such as this, you have options, and a competent attorney will ensure you are aware of all of your options at this time so you can pursue the compensation you may be entitled to.

If You Are Injured on the Job, Who is Liable for Your Injuries?

It can be very confusing for someone unfamiliar with Texas law to know what to do if they have been injured at work. To uncover who is liable for your injuries, you must first identify who or what caused your injury. Pinpointing the cause of your injuries can play a significant role in determining liability. This is another reason why having a lawyer by your side during this time is so essential, as knowledgeable attorneys will likely be adept at establishing who or what caused your injury.


TX injury lawyerIt is not hyperbole to postulate that working in a Texas oilfield is one of the most demanding and dangerous jobs in the entire country. It is not uncommon for oilfield workers to sustain severe injuries while on the job and sometimes even wrongful death. If you have been injured in an oilfield accident, had a family member injured, or even lost their life to an oilfield accident, understand that you have options moving forward concerning compensation.

Please understand that coming forward with an oilfield accident claim is no small task. If you are prepared to pursue the compensation that may rightfully be yours, consider contacting an experienced attorney who has worked in these kinds of cases and understands how to proceed and advocate for your rights.

What Are Some Common Causes of Oilfield Accidents?

As far as workplaces are concerned, oilfields are among the most dangerous imaginable. Scorching hot machines, pressurized pipes, and heavy and dangerous equipment are only some of the risks associated with working at an oilfield. However, your employer must make sure that all safety precautions are enacted to help prevent accidents from ever occurring.


fort worth construction accident lawyerWhile construction work is essential for practically every aspect of American personal and commercial life, it carries serious risks for employees in the construction field. Construction work is consistently rated as one of the most dangerous occupations, and within construction work, certain types of accidents tend to contribute to more fatalities than others. If someone you love has been seriously injured or killed in a Texas construction site accident, you may be able to take legal action. 

What Are the Most Common Causes of Fatal Construction Accidents? 

While construction sites present many potential hazards, just a few types of accidents consistently make up the majority of fatalities. These include: 

  • Tripping, slipping, and falling - When employees do not have safe scaffolding, harnesses, or surfaces to walk on, they can easily trip, slip, or fall. Even falling from a first-story building can lead to fatal injuries. 

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