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Dallas prenup lawyerA prenuptial agreement is an excellent way for soon-to-be newlyweds to reach an agreement about how their assets would be divided in the event that the couple does not stay married forever. They can be, however, drastically unfair to one spouse. Consider the classic situation where a prenuptial agreement is used—when there is significant income or net-worth disparity between the spouses-to-be. Often, the party with fewer assets agrees in the prenuptial agreement to leave the marriage with nothing during a divorce. Often, there is a level of coercion involved in that sort of agreement. In such a situation, the disadvantaged party may be able to ask the court to set aside the prenuptial agreement. 

If you are going through a divorce and fear that an unfair prenuptial or postnuptial agreement will leave you in a terrible position, you should talk to an experienced divorce attorney. There are circumstances where a court will not enforce a prenuptial agreement, but you may need the knowledge of a skilled attorney to achieve this. 

Under What Circumstances Might Texas Courts Void a Prenuptial Agreement? 

Texas courts do not want to enforce a prenuptial agreement—or any contract, really—that is unconscionable or that was entered into under duress. The court might void a prenuptial agreement if it sees proof of: 


Dallas personal injury attorneyMillions of Americans are embracing the latest fad to revolutionize the transportation industry: peer-to-peer ridesharing services. With just a few taps on a company's smartphone app, you can hire a safe and convenient ride for a reasonable fee.

In the last few years, companies like Uber and Lyft have become titans in the transportation industry. Although they market their 'green' business models as a solution to American's urban transportation crisis, these companies are actually increasing congestion, hurting transit, and contributing to a national increase in traffic fatalities.

In October 2018, the University of Chicago released a study that claims rideshare drivers are responsible for a 3% increase in the number of traffic fatalities across the country. Uber and Lyft are continually hiring new, inexperienced, and occasionally felonious drivers to expand their areas of business and maximize their daily profits. Consequently, both companies have been repeatedly besieged by costly lawsuits involving passenger injuries and fatalities, insurance disputes, and even claims of driver exploitation.



Divorce is complicated as is, but when you throw in two people who are self-employed, it becomes even more so. With a self-employed individual, it can be difficult to discern just how much he or she really makes each year. Moreover, it can be easy for a self-employed individual to hide assets, or at least downplay earnings.

On the other hand, the individual who is self-employed may be concerned about what will become of his or her business post-divorce. The business owner needs to take measures to safeguard his or her business, no matter how lucrative it actually is.



If you were injured in a hit-and- run accident in Texas, you may be feeling overwhelmed and at a loss for what to do. After all, because the other driver remains unknown, there is no one to take the blame, which means that you are stuck with the medical bills, property damage costs, and other expenses associated with the accident…or are you?

Unfortunately, there always have been and always will be runaway drivers. Because of this, many states require drivers to carry other forms of protection or for insurance companies to offer other forms of protection upon the purchase of a standard auto insurance policy. If you were injured in a hit-and-run accident in Dallas, take a deep breath and know that you do have options. Our Dallas car accident attorneys here at Clark Law Group can help you explore those options and fight on your behalf for fair compensation for your damages.


Imagine this: You are severely injured in a car accident, you go to the hospital and undergo countless procedures, therapies, and treatments, you are told that you cannot work in your condition, and so, to cover the cost of your medical and living expenses, you file a personal injury claim. That is pretty standard protocol for car accident victims. What is not standard protocol is for the hospital at which a victim received the treatment to place a lien on the personal injury settlement, and for said hospital to collect on that lien when the money is awarded. Yet, Texas law allows just that.

Texas Hospital Lien Law

According to Sec. 55.002 LEINS, a hospital may place a lien on a cause of action or the claim of an individual who was treated at said hospital for injuries caused by an accident that was caused by a negligent person. However, the statute stipulates that in order for a lien to apply, the person must have sought care within 72 hours of the accident. The lien extends to a hospital or medical facility that the injured party is transferred to for treatment of the same injury.

Why Hospitals Do Not Just Bill Health Insurance Providers

You may be wondering why your hospital does not just bill your medical insurance provider. That is the same question many accident victims have, and it is one that has a very simple yet unsatisfactory answer. Hospitals would rather not bill insurance providers because doing so decreases their bottom line.

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