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How to Create a Prenuptial Agreement that Paves the Way for a Happy Marriage

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Marriage is tough, as the person you fell in love with is not going to be that same person ten or even five years into your marriage. For instance, everything that you and your soon-to-be spouse agree on now may be your exact points of contention once you live together for the first time, buy a house together, or have your first child together. Because of this, it is important to address possible issues prior to marriage via a prenuptial agreement. When a couple drafts a prenuptial agreement, each party can reasonably know what to expect from the other in regards to particular issues. This type of foresight allows couples to more easily navigate the basic and not so basic issues of marriage.

At the Law Office of Stephen Clark, our family law attorneys believe that a strong prenuptial agreement can really save a marriage. More than that, though, we believe that thorough premarital planning can save a marriage. If you and your soon-to-be-spouse want your marriage to last a lifetime, consider talking with a marriage counselor prior to tying the knot. Then, consult with our Dallas law firm to create a strong premarital contract.

How Can Premarital Planning Save Your Marriage?

Matters that often lead to conflict and divorce are matters that could have and should have been discussed prior to the exchanging of vows. Many people do not see eye to eye on issues such as money, sex, the number of children they would like to have, stay-at-home parenting, joint checking and savings accounts, religion, and other important issues. Unfortunately, many couples enter a civil union without seeing eye to eye on these issues. Because of this, countless individuals realize only after they have tied the knot that they have nothing of import in common with their spouse.

Many people feel that premarital discussions dull the romance and cut the honeymoon phase short. Others fear that such conversations will bring about the end of their relationship before they have a chance to say their 'I do's. While both of these fears may be true, it is better for an individual to learn of their future-spouse's expectations for marriage prior to their nuptials rather than afterwards.

How to Approach the Topic of a Prenuptial Agreement

If you fear turning away your future-spouse with talks of 'the future,' try raising the subject of a prenuptial agreement in a positive way:

  • Timing is Everything: Do not wait until a month before the wedding to raise your concerns. Your expectations for the future are a serious matter, and as such, should be given serious thought; the same goes for your significant other's expectations for marriage. Consider raising all issues of import six months to a year prior to your wedding. This gives your future spouse time to digest the information, share his or her own expectations for the future, and to decide whether or not he or she still wants to marry you. Additionally, by raising your issues sooner rather than later, you give yourself plenty of time to create and legalize a custom and thorough prenuptial agreement.
  • Focus on what you both want: The goal of premarital discussions is to create a joint vision of what your lives will look like together. This involves communicating what you both want and expect from your future together, and negotiating issues on which you do not see eye to eye.
  • Work with a Compassionate Family Law Attorney: The right family law attorney can guide you in the creation of your prenuptial agreement and ensure that you and your spouse feel as if you are working together to create a better future for yourselves, rather than as if you are sorting out the 'winner' of each potential argument.

Contact a Dallas Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

At the Clark Law Group, our Dallas prenuptial agreement attorneys can help you draft a premarital agreement that addresses all possible issues that you might face in your future. While marriage should be full of surprises, you want to ensure that they are all good surprises. When you address possible conflict now, you can avoid the hassle it may create for you in the future. For help drafting a Dallas prenuptial agreement, consult with our Dallas family lawyers. Call 469-906-2266 today.

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