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It Is Time to Review Your Parenting Plan Terms as Summer Nears

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b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_184715771-min.jpgA child’s needs tend to manifest differently during the summer months than they do during the school year. While a primary focus of parents during all other seasons is their child’s academic situation, the summer may allow them to prioritize different experiences. For example, a child who does not get to see one of their parents much during the academic year may benefit from spending more time with them in the summer. Whatever the summer holds, if a child’s parenting situation is governed in part by a parenting plan, it is important for parents who are bound to honor the terms of that plan before spring becomes a mere memory.

Preparing for the Months Ahead

Many parenting plans contain special provisions that apply only in the summer. If your co-parenting relationship is governed by a parenting plan, you will want to review any such terms contained in your order. By evaluating the precise language – perhaps, concerning travel, scheduling, extracurricular involvement, or virtual visitation – you will be better prepared to honor them.

Conversely, if your review of these terms highlights circumstances that are no longer in your child’s best interests, it may benefit you to speak with your co-parent about modifying the terms of your plan. If you can mutually agree on alternative language, our firm can help you to formalize the change and submit it to the court. If your co-parent is resistant to the idea of a modification, we can help you to explore the risks and benefits of asking the court to intervene.

Speak with a Knowledgeable Dallas Child Custody Attorney for Personalized Feedback

If you have questions or concerns about the terms of your family’s parenting plan, do not hesitate to connect with the skilled Dallas, TX child custody lawyers at Clark Law Group. There is nothing more precious to you than your child and doing right by them is likely your most pressing concern. By seeking personalized legal guidance, you can better ensure that your ongoing co-parenting situation reflects your child’s best interests.  

Whether you are seeking clarity about your rights and responsibilities as articulated in your child’s parenting plan or you are concerned about the possible need for a modification of that existing order, you can schedule a risk-free, confidential case evaluation by connecting with our team online or calling our offices at 469-906-2266. Our firm has extensive experience with both straightforward and complex parenting plan issues and it would be our pleasure to assist you, as we have successfully assisted so many other caring parents in the past.


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