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Orders for Withholdings, Garnishments, and Arrearages in Texas Child Support Cases

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In all 50 states, the failure for an individual to follow support orders can result in large fines and jail time. However, before it comes to that, the individual will be given the chance to pay off the past-due balance by involuntary means, like wage garnishment and withholdings. The state's child support office will contact the individual's employer and set up a predetermined amount to be taken from each paycheck. If you are not receiving the support payments owed to you, and if you are struggling to make ends meet as a result, contact the Dallas Clark Law Group speak with a wage garnishment, withholdings, and arrearages attorney right away. Clark Law Group and their staff are experienced in handling cases involving support enforcement and can ensure that you are not denied the support owed to you for another day.

Income Withholding and Wage Garnishment Representation

At the Clark Law Group, we understand just how important child support or spousal support is to the recipient. It is difficult to support yourself and your family on a single income, so when you do not receive your monthly support payment, it could mean the difference between making rent and falling into debt. If your child's other parent or former spouse has been failing to make their support payments, it is imperative that you reach out to our Dallas support attorneys regarding the legal remedies available to you.

Our child support lawyers can help you file a petition with the Dallas family court to have part of the payor's paycheck withheld. When a withholding is enacted, the payor's employer works with the State Disbursement Unit (SDU) to ensure that the money withheld is allocated to you in a timely fashion. In some instances, if all parties are in agreement, the SDU can be bypassed, and the payments can go directly from the employer to you. The employer does not have the option of refusing to garnish the payors' wages; their failure to assist the state in garnishment can result in significant fines.

Withholding and garnishment are not the only ways in which you can collect the past due support payments owed to you. Some other tools that our family law firm sometimes has to utilize include:

  • Suspension of passport privileges;
  • Suspension of professional license;
  • Withholding of income tax refund;
  • Suspension of driver's license;
  • If all else fails, judgment against other assets, including real estate property, automobiles, stocks, and retirement assets; and
  • Jail time.

Additionally, Texas charges interest on each late payment. According to the Texas Family Code 157.261, the court will charge 6% interest for the total amount of past due payments.

Consult a Dallas Withholdings, Garnishments, and Arrearages Attorney

At the Clark Law Group, our Dallas support attorneys can help you collect on child and spousal support payments that are past due. If you have tried talking with the payor and if he or she has simply refused to pay, it might be time to invest in the legal assistance of a Dallas family law attorney. To learn more about the steps you can take to receive past-due support payments, call our office at 469-906-2266 to speak with a legal representative today.

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