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Sole Conservatorship in Dallas, TX

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When it comes to divorce, custody-or conservatorship, as it is referred to as in Texas-is a primary concern for couples with children. Many parents feel that they are entitled to sole conservatorship. However, just because a parent feels that he or she is entitled to full custody does not mean that the parent actually is. The state of Texas, and most states throughout the union, for that matter, believe that joint parenting is best for children of divorce. Joint custody allows both parents to foster a healthy relationship with the child, which is considered to be in their best interests. However, every once in a while, joint custody is not in the best interests of the child, in which case, the judge will seriously consider sole conservatorship. If you believe that you deserve sole custody of your child, work with the Dallas child custody attorneys at Clark Law Group to learn more about sole managing conservatorship and what circumstances warrant such a ruling.

Sole Managing Conservatorship Vs. Joint Managing Conservatorship

In Dallas, if a parent is granted sole managing conservatorship, it means that they are the only parent who is legally allowed to make any decisions in regards to the child, including but not limited to health care choices, schooling decisions, and determining which religion the child should practice. If a couple is granted joint managing conservatorship, it means that they must share the responsibility of making decisions regarding the child. However, joint managing conservatorship does not necessarily mean that both parties will share physical custody of the child; one parent may still receive fewer visitation rights than the other if the courts believe that to be the best thing for the child.

Possessory Conservatorship

The possessory conservator has little say over where the child goes to school, what religion the child practices, and other major decisions regarding the child, including where the child will live. If you want sole custody, chances are that you want sole managing conservatorship, as the sole managing conservator has exclusive legal rights to make most choices regarding the child's upbringing, including deciding the primary place the child will live. If granted sole custody, the other parent would likely receive possessory conservatorship, in which case you would be able to make these decisions with or without the other parent's input.

How to Receive Sole Managing Conservatorship

Typically, the only way a parent can receive sole managing conservatorship is if the other parent agrees to it. Other than that, a judge will not just grant a parent sole custody without evidence indicating that the other parent is unfit to contribute to the overall well being of the child. Issues that will make a judge consider granting a single parent custody include a history of domestic violence, sexual abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, or any other behaviors that could pose a threat to the child's physical and emotional health.

Work With a Dallas Child Custody Attorney

At Clark Law Group, we understand just how important a matter child custody is in a divorce. If you believe that your child would be better off in your sole custody, our Dallas child custody lawyers will do everything in our power to ensure that you are granted sole managing conservatorship. To speak with one of our associates regarding child custody, reach out to our family law firm at 469-906-2266 to schedule a consultation today.

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