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Three Benefits of a Texas Collaborative Divorce

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TX divorce lawyerEven as divorce rates stabilize across the country, divorce continues to be a difficult and contentious experience for many couples in Texas. However, not all divorces are destined to be conflict-ridden or involve months or years of court litigation. Collaborative divorce is a strategy that has emerged in recent years as an effective way of avoiding unnecessary conflict and time in court while ensuring both partners solve important issues.

A collaborative divorce is a process wherein both spouses agree to work together, with the help of their attorneys and a team of professionals, to resolve their differences cooperatively rather than combatively. Even the attorneys are committed to working together to protect each spouse’s individual and mutual goals. If you are considering divorce in Texas, here are three ways that collaborative divorce may benefit you.

Save Time

Divorce is notorious for taking far longer than people prefer because important but difficult issues must be resolved before a divorce decree can be finalized. A collaborative divorce can help couples focus on resolving issues like property division, child custody, and spousal support quickly and responsively so both partners are satisfied with the outcome. By working with a team of experienced professionals, spouses can focus on one issue at a time and often find solutions much faster than through the more combative traditional approach.

Save Money

While it may seem counterintuitive that hiring more professionals will cost less money, couples often save money with collaborative divorce because they can resolve issues so much more efficiently. Because collaborative divorce often moves faster and involves less conflict, couples spend very little time in court or fighting through their attorneys.

Save Relationships

Perhaps the greatest benefit of collaborative divorce is the focus on hostility reduction and mutual cooperation. Because divorcees with young children must often work together for many years to come, creating a divorce decree that allows parents to meet their obligations with respect and positivity sets up the entire family for future success. Parents avoid the regret and shame of treating each other with hostility during divorce, and children benefit from parents who are committed to working together.

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Creating a smart divorce strategy means taking every option into consideration and choosing the one that works best for you. For help designing a customized divorce plan that meets your needs, call the experienced Fort Worth collaborative divorce attorneys with Clark Law Group today at 469-906-2266.



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