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Three Divorce Strategies That May Work Best For Your Family

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TX divorce lawyerOnce you have finally made the decision to get divorced, you may feel like a weight has been lifted. But while deciding to get divorced may feel like the hardest part of the process, it is only the beginning. Now you need to look carefully at your situation and decide which divorce strategy you want to pursue. Each strategy has advantages and disadvantages, and an experienced Texas divorce attorney can help you explore your options. Here are the three most common divorce strategies in Texas.

Mediated Divorce

When couples use a neutral third-party mediator, each spouse still has their own attorney and gets to fight for the things they want out of their divorce. Choosing a mediator does not mean spouses will not get their needs met or their voices heard; rather, a mediator encourages couples to discuss their disagreements productively with the aim of achieving a compromise. Because mediation is more peaceful than courtroom litigation, children often benefit enormously from parents who divorce using mediation.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is somewhat similar to mediation in that its main aim is achieving a peaceful divorce decree that meets everyone’s needs. However, in a collaborative divorce, couples employ a team of professionals who are committed to cooperation - including the attorneys. Everybody works together to help the spouses make choices about property division, a parenting agreement, spousal support, and more. Other professionals, such as financial experts and child psychologists, can give advice and help couples reach an optimal resolution. Although collaborative divorce can involve more people, it can actually save money compared to a litigated divorce because it helps the overall process move much faster.

Litigated Divorce

While litigated divorces are much less frequent than they used to be, sometimes it is necessary to take part or all of your divorce before a judge. When spouses cannot work together for reasons such as domestic violence, financial dishonesty, or extreme conflict, or when previous mediation efforts have failed to achieve a compromise, spouses may choose to litigate their divorce. Each spouse has an attorney and while the attorneys can still try to help the spouses reach a settlement out of court, a judge may end up being the final arbiter of the divorce decree.

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