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Three Tips to Help You Get Through the Summer Holidays After Your Dallas Divorce

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TX divorce lawyerWhether you are already divorced or only separated, the summer holidays can present a new set of challenges to newly-single parents managing visitation schedules for the first time. Besides managing to care for your children by yourself, you need to cooperate with your ex about vacation schedules, summer activities, and transitioning the children between homes. This can all add up to a lot of stress. Here are three tips to help you get through the summer holidays after your Texas divorce.

Plan Ahead

Ideally, each parent will get a good chunk of uninterrupted vacation time with a child. Although there is no school, the summer months tend to be full of scheduled activities that can get in the way of planning a vacation last minute. To prevent confusion and conflict, plan well ahead and try to communicate calmly and clearly with your ex. Avoid making firm reservations and paying for expensive flights and hotels until you can make sure your plans do not conflict with other activities.

Take Important Dates Into Consideration

If your co-parent has a birthday or enjoys spending Mother’s Day with her children, avoid making plans that coincide with those days. Likewise, be sensitive to important dates your children may want to be present for. Spending time with friends is a major part of your kids’ lives, especially when they are teenagers. They may be very upset to miss birthdays, school theme park days, and other social activities. Talk to them and see whether they have any important activities coming up before you make plans.

Share Itineraries and Secure Permission

Making sure your ex has your children’s travel plans is necessary in case of an emergency and is just plain common sense. You likely want to know where your children are at all times; so does your ex. In addition, certain travel plans - like going out of the country - require permission from an ex, not only to get a passport but to take the trip. Avoid putting these things off till the last minute so your trip is not jeopardized based on whether or not your ex is okay with it.

Contact a Dallas, TX Visitation Lawyer

At Clark Law Group, we are committed to helping you get past the stressful stages of divorce so you can enjoy your summer holidays and other vacations with your children. For help creating a parenting agreement that will benefit you and your children well into the future, contact our offices today at 469-906-2266 to schedule a confidential consultation with a Dallas, TX divorce attorney.



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