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What to do if Your Divorce is Taking Too Long

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One thing that many people do not understand when they initiate a divorce is that the process is tedious and long. Even if the couple remains amicable and agreeable throughout the entire divorce, the process can still take up to six months to complete. A contested divorce, on the other hand, can last for more than a year.

While the length of a divorce greatly depends on a couple's unique circumstances, if you feel like your divorce is dragging on for too long unnecessarily, it may be best to speak with a different lawyer than the one you have been using. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate the divorce process in a timely and cost-effective manner.

At the Clark Law Group, our attorneys have helped countless individuals obtain a succinct divorce. Divorce does not have to be a complicated and drawn out mess. With the right lawyer and the right mindset, it can be relatively quick and painless.

Steps You Can Take to Speed up Your Divorce

While an experienced lawyer can help to significantly shorten the divorce process, he or she cannot do it alone. If you want to speed up your divorce, here are some things that you can do to help:

Stay Organized

Most family courts are so bogged down with cases that you are likely going to have to wait some length of time to have your case heard.

To help speed things along when your case is finally heard, gather all of your important documents and other relevant information so that it is ready on court day. By being prepared the first time you face the judge you can settle several issues at once, instead of having to schedule different court dates for each separate issue.

Be Patient

The majority of a case entails filling out and filing paperwork; a small percentage of the case entails negotiations and going to trial. Because of this, it can seem like your attorney and his or her staff are sitting back on their haunches while getting paid. This is not the case.

From preparing motions to drafting legal agreements, your attorney is doing everything possible to prepare your case before going to court. Be respectful of your attorney and do not harass him or her or their office staff, as this will only take valuable time away from your case.

Be the Responsible Parent

Determining child custody is usually the most contentious and therefore time consuming aspect of divorce. To speed things up, do everything possible to demonstrate to your attorney and the courts that you are the responsible parent and that you deserve as much time as possible with your child.

Do not cut the other parent down; in fact, indicate that you want the other parent involved as much as possible, as well, as this proves to the courts that you are looking out for your child's best interests and not your own.

Avoid New Romantic Relationships

If possible, do not get involved with anyone new while your divorce is pending. Doing so will make you look callous and irresponsible.

If you are already involved with someone new, keep things low-key, and do not spend any of your money on gifts for your new partner or extravagant vacations. Remember, you still have to divide assets, and spending huge amounts of money on your new significant other can end up hurting your chances of getting a fair settlement.

Consult a Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Stephen Clark, our attorney strives to help each client obtain a divorce in as quick and cost-effective manner as possible. While we understand that no divorce is ever easy, we hope that by offering unwavering support and guidance, we can make the process a little less difficult.

If you feel like your divorce is dragging on and if you just want it to be over with, reach out to our firm to see how we can put our experience to use for you. Call the Clark Law Group at 469-906-2266 or schedule your consultation online.

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