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Fall 2022 Clark Law Group Scholarship Winner

Bree-Ann Ramos-Clifton

Bree-Ann Ramos-Clifton

Clark Law Group is proud to provide financial assistance to Bree-Ann Ramos-Clifton while she pursues a career as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. Reading Bree-Anns essay, you learn of her empathy and ambitions. Bree-Ann hopes to make a difference in the lives of others, striving to make healthcare more accessible and provide educational resources to those in need.

Read Bree-Ann’s Essay:

Growing up mainly in Inverness, Florida, a small town located in Central Florida, I often observed individuals struggling to find affordable and accessible healthcare. Many individuals were faced with having medical procedures conducted knowing that they would not be able to pay back the medical fees in their lifetime. It is significantly concerning that individuals have to choose between their health or being able to support their families. In my plans for my higher education and future career, I intend to be a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN) and volunteer my medical services to healthcare clinics in communities with low access to affordable healthcare. In addition to this, there are limited youth programs in my hometown explicitly focusing on science and medicine. I plan to collaborate and construct a youth program that highlights how an individual’s mental, physical, nutritional, spiritual, and sleep health are crucial to taking care of oneself. The youth program would also allow youth interested in science and medical career paths to shadow medical professionals and participate in mini labs.

The health insurance crisis in the United States (U.S.) has highly impacted individuals in small communities with limited options, especially those seeking women’s healthcare. Medical procedures and life occurrences such as childbirth, pap smears, annual checkups, and hysterectomies can be costly. I’ve experienced firsthand how medical expenses can impact a family as I grew up in a small community within a low-income household. My mother was often away on deployments, and I spent most of my childhood with my father, who often struggled financially. My father would usually be found borrowing money or taking out a small loan to pay for my sister, stepmother, and I’s medical expenses. It was incredibly challenging during the 2007 to 2009 recession, and medical care came down to only being able to see a physician if one of my family members was extremely or gravely ill. For example, my father had to take out several loans when my stepmother was diagnosed with endometriosis and had a total hysterectomy to alleviate her extreme pain and discomfort. He knew that it would take him nearly a decade to pay back the loans and that this decision may be a financial burden on our family, but he chose my stepmom’s quality of life over money, for which we all thank him enormously. I look back at these times and realize that no one should have to choose between money and receiving adequate and affordable healthcare. In my hometown and other low-income communities worldwide, I plan to volunteer my medical services as an OB/GYN, including educating others on women’s health and providing a helping hand.

In collaboration with others in my small community, I plan to form a youth program that highlights how an individual’s mental, physical, nutritional, spiritual, and sleep health are crucial to taking care of oneself. In combination with being a U.S. Soldier and with the upbringing of veteran parents, I have been taught how essential it is to take care of oneself and identify deficiencies in one’s health. I have realized that a youth program will come to fruition with a community effort, a lot of heart, dedication, and the collaboration of fellow medical professionals. In addition to general youth health education, the program would also give youth interested in career paths aligned with science and medicine to shadow medical professionals in minor procedures and participate in mini-labs or research. Allowing youth to keep their minds busy and offering them opportunities that they may have never had before will awaken their senses and prepare them for the next steps in their life or future career. I dream of building a better tomorrow for my community; it’s only up from here.

I express my sincere gratitude to The Clark Law Group for reviewing my application and allowing me to share my experience and express my intentions to serve the public and build a better tomorrow.

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