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University Park Car Crash Attorney for Injuries Caused by Texting While Driving and Other Distractions

There are many different safety issues that affect drivers, passengers in motor vehicles, and others who use the roads, such as pedestrians and bicyclists. Even when a person abides by all applicable traffic laws and takes the proper precautions to protect their safety, they can suffer harm due to circumstances out of their control. Distracted driving is one issue that places many people at risk of being injured in car accidents. Drivers who fail to fully pay attention to the road can cause dangerous collisions, and in these situations, victims will want to understand their options for pursuing financial compensation for their damages.

A skilled personal injury attorney can help victims determine how to proceed following an accident. Clark Law Group provides representation for those who have been injured by distracted driving and other forms of negligence. We work to help our clients gather evidence that shows that a car wreck was caused by a driver's dangerous actions or failure to follow traffic laws. By establishing liability for a collision and working to negotiate favorable settlements with insurance companies or pursue compensation through a lawsuit, we can ensure that victims will be able to receive compensation for all of their damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage.

Dangerous Forms of Distracted Driving

Drivers should always fully pay attention to the road, the vehicles around them, and other important details while concentrating on driving-related tasks and ensuring that they are in complete control of their vehicle. However, it can be easy to lose focus on driving, especially when a person is traveling on a familiar route or when they attempt to divide their attention and complete other activities while behind the wheel.

The most well-known types of distractions that can affect drivers involve cell phones and other electronic devices. In Texas, drivers are prohibited from texting while driving or any attempts to read or respond to text messages, emails, social media posts, or other electronic messages. Drivers are also prohibited from using handheld electronic devices while they are in a school zone, and drivers under the age of 18 cannot use any wireless communication devices while driving. Some cities may also have laws that place additional restrictions on how drivers can use cell phones, such as by limiting them to making calls while a phone is in hands-free mode.

While the laws attempt to prevent some of the most egregious forms of distracted driving, there are many other issues that may divert a driver's attention and affect their ability to drive safely. Phone calls made using hands-free technology, conversations with passengers in the vehicle, or even listening to the radio can take some of a driver's attention away from the road, making them more likely to miss important details. Drivers may use their hands for non-driving activities, such as eating and drinking, reaching for objects, adjusting controls, or grooming, and this may affect their ability to maintain control of their vehicle. A person may also experience visual distractions, such as looking at billboards or objects on the side of the road, and this can affect their ability to see and respond to changing conditions around them.

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Distracted drivers may be unable to act in time to avoid a collision, and they may strike a vehicle that has slowed down in front of them, a pedestrian who is crossing the road, or others who are obeying traffic laws. When these drivers cause accidents, victims can take legal action to pursue compensation for their damages. Our firm can provide representation in these cases, and we will help you understand your options for holding a negligent driver liable for your injuries. Contact us and set up a consultation today by calling 469-906-2266. We assist with accidents involving distracted driving and other factors in Park Cities, University Park, Lake Highland, North Dallas, Valley Ranch, Carrollton, Grand Prairie, Garland, Collin County, McKinney, Denton County, Dallas County, Plano, Fort Worth, Coppell, Mesquite, Irving, Farmers Branch, Preston Hollow, Lakewood, Dallas, and Highland Park.

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