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Dallas Divorce Attorney

Family Lawyer in Fort Worth Protecting Your Rights in Divorce Proceedings

Divorce is a way for the marriage union to be dissolved. Usually by the time a couple has reached this point, they are emotionally drained and in need of relief. Clark Law Group helps our clients by giving them a clear view of their legal options and how to proceed. By having an attorney on your side, you can relax a little knowing that a legal professional has your interests at heart and is working to secure your future.

When two people decide to end their time together as a couple, new questions arise. Who gets what? How will the couple split up time with the children? What if one of them moves away? These questions and others are all common struggles couples face when they divorce. Our firm has the answers and can help with the transition out of a marriage.

Witnesses Who May be Subpoenaed in Divorce Case

You may be wondering what type of witnesses could possibly help in a divorce case. There are in fact quite a few people in your life who could potentially hurt or harm your case. Some witnesses that the judge may want to hear from may include family members, your child’s teachers, financial advisors, a psychologist, neighbors, or local law enforcement.

For instance, your attorney might subpoena your child’s teacher to inform the jury about the several times your spouse was late to pick up your child, or to show them that despite working full time, you still manage to make it to each of your child’s school functions.

Issues Involved in a Divorce

The main problems of a divorce center on children of the marriage and how property will be divided. For years, our Dallas divorce attorney has helped clients to sort out these and other problems to help divorcing couples find clarity and resolution during this difficult time.

Our firm helps couples with issues such as:

  • High conflict divorce
  • High-asset divorce
  • Executive compensation
  • Division of stock interests
  • Characterization
  • Family owned businesses
  • Business valuations
  • Retirement accounts
  • Division of debts
  • Deceptive opposing parties
  • High profile parties

How Aggressive Representation Can Help

Filing for divorce does not have to be a drawn out and expensive process. Many couples maintain amicable relationships during and after divorce to keep their children safe and healthy. Each couple will be different, but it is always important to stand firm in pursuit of your interests. Our team fights aggressively for our clients to protect their futures. If you are looking for legal aid during this difficult time in your life, get the help of Clark Law Group.

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