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How Can a Product Recall Affect My Car Accident Case?

 Posted on February 13, 2024 in Car Accident

TX injury lawyerBeing involved in a car accident can be a stressful experience. In general, someone who was in a car crash just wants to get any injuries treated and any material damage fixed as quickly as possible. However, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out who was at fault and therefore, who is liable for covering these costs. A driver might seem to have failed to drive properly, and at a closer look, a defective product could be to blame. If there are catastrophic injuries resulting from the accident, the question of who is responsible becomes even more important to answer. If you were in a car accident and you believe that a defective product was at fault, an experienced Dallas, TX personal injury lawyer can review the details of what happened and guide you as you proceed.

Check Whether There Were Any Defects

An experienced lawyer knows that when there is an accident, one of the first things to do is look into the make, model, and VIN of the cars that were involved. Often, this research will reveal that some auto parts in the car already has been reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for a defect and are either under investigation or have been recalled.

If a car involved in an accident had a defective part, this might have been to blame and can be crucial for anyone affected by the accident to be aware of. In such a case, depending on other circumstances, the car’s designer, manufacturer, or distributor might be liable for any damages incurred.

If the car has no known defective parts, it is still a good idea to have it thoroughly checked by a skilled auto mechanic and to allow a crash reconstruction expert to analyze the data and share any conclusions they may draw. Depending on the circumstances, if others come forward after, your accident might very well be the first recorded case that could motivate an investigation or recall.

Contact a Fort Worth, TX Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one were involved in a car accident and need help getting the responsible parties to cover resulting medical or car repair costs, a skilled Dallas, TX personal injury attorney can go over your case and help navigate issues of liability and compensation. Call 469-906-2266 to speak with an experienced lawyer at Clark Law Group today.

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