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Is a Texas Postnuptial Agreement a Good Idea for Me?

 Posted on February 27, 2024 in Division of Assets

TX divorce lawyerA prenuptial agreement can be an excellent way to ensure a couple lives with the peace of mind that comes from having reasonable expectations. When drafting a prenuptial agreement, a couple about to be married needs to ask some uncomfortable questions and think realistically about their expectations of each other. Once they have gotten through that process, they often feel able to file the agreement away as a plan for a rainy day and then move forward with planning their wedding and their future. However, like in most parts of life, people do not like to think about the possibility of their marriage ending badly, and so many couples opt out of even thinking about a prenuptial agreement. With time and the maturity that comes with it, they may come to regret that, wishing they still had a way of obtaining the peace of mind it might afford them. If you never signed a prenuptial agreement and you wish you had, a Fort Worth, TX divorce family law attorney can help you understand whether a postnuptial agreement might be a good step for you.

How Can a Postnuptial Agreement Benefit Me?

A postnuptial agreement is almost identical to a prenuptial agreement, with the major difference being that a prenuptial agreement is signed before the couple gets married and a postnuptial agreement is signed after they have gotten married. However, the two cover the same topics and aspects. Additionally, people might have the same hesitations about signing them - mainly that it will make them have uncomfortable conversations or think about a negative end to their future - but can benefit similarly way from having either. Two major benefits of signing one of these documents are:

  • Transparency and honesty: Going through the process of drafting and signing a postnuptial agreement will make a couple discuss things that they otherwise might not, and as a result, they can gain a better understanding of each other’s attitude towards money, savings, and responsibilities. Both spouses will need to be honest about the assets and debts they may have accumulated. Making sure everything is on the table is a great way to ensure honest and open communication within the marriage.
  • Smoother divorce: If all the open and honest communication will not help, at least the couple will have already worked out how they both expect things to unfold if they ultimately get a divorce

Contact a Dallas, TX Family Law Attorney

You did not sign a prenuptial agreement because you did not want to think about the possibility of your marriage ending in divorce before your wedding even happened. Now that you are married and have experienced firsthand what it means to have shared assets and responsibilities, you might regret the fact that you did not. If this describes you, you should speak with an experienced Fort Worth, TX family lawyer to discuss whether a postnuptial agreement might suit you and your spouse. Please call 469-906-2266 to speak with a lawyer at Clark Law Group.

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