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Why DIY Divorces Are Often a Bad Idea

 Posted on July 24, 2023 in Divorce

Dallas, TX divorce lawyerOver the past several years, there have been a number of online companies that have popped up, touting the idea of do-it-yourself (DIY) divorces. You can purchase all of the legal form templates from the company, fill them out, and mail them to the court that oversees family law cases in the county you live in. While this may seem like an easy, attractive, and inexpensive idea, the reality of divorce is often anything but simple. Even the friendliest of divorces can suddenly turn acrimonious when issues of child custody or divorce finances need to be addressed.

One of the significant dangers of a DIY divorce is the absence of professional legal advice. An attorney can provide invaluable guidance, explaining your rights and responsibilities, helping you understand the potential consequences of your decisions, and offering strategies to achieve the best outcome for your specific circumstances. The following are some of the reasons why a DIY may not be a good idea for your situation.

Legal Complexity

As mentioned above, divorce involves numerous legal intricacies. In addition to child custody, there are also often issues of division of assets, child support,  and spousal support. Navigating the legal system without proper knowledge and expertise can lead to costly mistakes and oversights that may have long-term consequences on your and your children’s personal and financial future.

Incomplete or Inaccurate Documentation

Filing the required legal documents correctly is crucial for the process to proceed smoothly. DIY divorces run the risk of incomplete or inaccurate documentation and missed deadlines that can result in delays, disputes, or even the court dismissing the case, requiring you to begin the process all over again. Divorce attorneys have experience in preparing and reviewing the required paperwork to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Child Custody Issues

If you and your spouse have children, a DIY divorce can be particularly risky. Determining child custody arrangements requires careful consideration of various factors, such as the best interests of the child, parenting schedules, and financial resources. When it comes to child support, the state of Texas determines the amount of support based on the paying parent’s income. In some cases, that parent may try to hide income in order to get out of paying that amount. A skilled divorce attorney has the experience to see red flags when it comes to a spouse who is hiding income.

Financial Consequences

DIY divorces can result in financial disasters, as well. Without legal guidance, you may overlook important financial aspects such as asset valuation, tax implications, and potential future financial obligations. This oversight can lead to an unfair division of assets or future financial hardships. And just like child support, if your spouse is hiding assets in order to keep you from receiving your fair share of the marital estate and/or spousal support, your attorney knows the types of signs to watch out for.

Emotional Stress and Conflict

Divorce is an emotionally challenging process, and attempting to handle it on your own can amplify the stress and conflict involved. An experienced divorce attorney can act as a buffer between you and your spouse, handling negotiations and communications to reduce emotional strain and promote a more amicable resolution.

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