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Will I Need to Pay Child Support After My Child Turns 18? 

 Posted on July 21, 2022 in Uncategorized

dallas child support lawyerFor most Texas parents, child support payments stop when their youngest child turns 18 or graduates from high school. But when a child has a disability that prevents him or her from becoming financially independent, the usual limits may not apply and a parent may be required to pay child support for an adult child indefinitely. For a brief overview of adult child support, read this blog and then contact a Texas family law attorney for help with your case. 

When Does an Adult Child Qualify for Child Support in Texas? 

For a parent to be responsible for their adult child indefinitely, the child must have a disability that meets certain requirements and which manifested before age 18. A child with debilitating depression or who has been in a serious car accident once she is already an adult will not qualify, even if she still lives at home. If the disability was known before age 18, the parent requesting child support payments must show that: 

  • The child has a mental or physical disability, and

  • The child will not be capable of self-support, and

  • The child requires personal supervision and substantial care

The court will appoint someone - usually a parent - to be the guardian of the child. This person is responsible for managing the adult child’s affairs and is also responsible for receiving and managing child support payments on behalf of the child, although a child over 18 years old can also receive the support directly. The support may also be put into a special needs trust. 

Can I Ask My Spouse For Child Support to Help Pay For Our Adult Child's College Expenses? 

In some states, parents can be ordered to help pay for their adult child’s college expenses, including tuition, room, and board. Texas does not allow for this possibility. However, if you have an underage child and you are concerned about how to pay for college, you can establish a savings account as part of your original divorce decree. 

If you are divorced and already have a child support order, you can ask a court to modify the order if there has been a substantial change in circumstances. While what may be considered a substantial change in circumstances may vary, an adult child who has developed a disability or who has increased financial needs may qualify. 

Call a Dallas, Texas Adult Child Support Lawyer

Understanding Texas child support laws can help you set realistic expectations for the future and avoid falling into disfavor with Texas family courts. To schedule a consultation with a skilled member of a team of experienced Fort Worth adult child support attorneys, call the offices of Clark Law Group at 469-906-2266. Our offices are conveniently located on Douglas Ave. and we also offer socially-distanced consultation via phone call. 




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