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TX family lawyerMany women who have a child outside of marriage or immediately following a divorce may wonder whether they want to involve the child’s father. By the time a child is born, a woman may know enough about a man to feel as though the benefits she and the child would get from child support or shared custody would not be worth the hassle of dealing with a bum or an abuser.

Some women may have already tried to get a man to voluntarily acknowledge paternity of a child to no avail and may be wondering whether it would be easier to keep him out of the picture altogether. Before you give up on establishing paternity, there are some important considerations you may want to balance. An experienced Texas paternity lawyer can help you weigh your options and come to a decision.

What are the Benefits of Establishing Paternity?

Establishing paternity can have many benefits for the mother, the father, and, most importantly, the child. While a mother may clearly see a man’s character as lacking in important areas, a child nonetheless needs the guidance of his or her father and a man may prove himself worthy of stepping up to meet this challenge, even if he is imperfect.


TX divorce attorneyWhen a married couple feels as though their relationship is coming to an end but they have some reservations or want to stay married for personal reasons, they may choose to temporarily separate. Many states have an option that legally allows couples to separate without getting divorced, known as a “legal separation,” but legal separation as it exists in other states does not exist in Texas. If you think you may want to end your relationship but are not sure what your options are, speak with a Texas family law attorney.

Separating Without Getting Divorced

While a couple cannot get a legal separation, they can take steps that essentially provide many of the same outcomes. For example, a couple can ask their attorneys to create a petition and exchange agreement. This allows a couple to transfer marital property to one spouse or the other so it becomes the personal property of that spouse. Then, if the couple decides to get divorced later, the property in the petition and exchange order will not be part of the community property division. Spouses may also file a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship, or SAPCR, to make formal custody arrangements, including child support payments. A judge must approve the SAPCR, and once in place, it is legally binding.

A couple who wants to test the waters of divorce may decide to try an informal temporary separation before they pursue divorce. Sometimes couples get enough space and time through a temporary separation that they are able to reconcile their relationship. Other times, they proceed with a divorce. A temporary separation using a only verbal agreement is not legally enforceable, so couples who choose to go this route should be aware that they may be placing themselves in a risky legal position.


TX accident lawyerWhile most of us have seen news coverage of catastrophic truck accidents caused by falling objects from unsecured items in truck beds, most of us never imagine that such a thing will happen to us. Yet thousands of people’s lives are changed every year in the United States when improperly loaded truck cargo comes loose and strikes vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians.

The injuries from such truck accidents are often serious and life-threatening, often requiring years of treatment and therapy without the chance of a full recovery. If you have suffered from an unsecured truck cargo accident, a Dallas truck accident attorney may be able to help you seek compensation from the responsible party.

Common Objects From Unsecure Truck Loads

As trucks fly down the highway, garbage, rocks, hay, and other small items often come flying out. These can certainly create hazardous conditions. More serious, however, are objects like those used in construction and farming that tend to be heavier and larger, like lumber, rebar, landscaping equipment, and even vehicles like smaller frontloaders and tractors. When these larger objects strike a vehicle or fall into the road, they can cause instantaneous chaos, injury, and death as other cars try to serve to avoid being struck.


TX family lawyerParents getting divorced in Texas are justifiably concerned about how the divorce could impact their children. In addition to having to possibly move out of the family home, the children must adjust to life with only one parent at a time. Parents likewise experience major transitions during divorce, especially in relation to their children, and one of the most important areas of change is child support.

Parents wishing to save time and money may wonder if they can create a child support agreement on their own without help from a court. To understand more about how establishing child support payments works in Texas, read on.

Can Parents Create Their Own Child Support Agreement?

Parents in Texas are encouraged to resolve issues in their divorce without litigating them in court. While this usually saves time and money, it also spares parents and children the anxiety and conflict of hashing things out in front of a judge.


T^X divorce lawyerFamily pets can feel like more than just a pet - they often feel like another member of your tribe. Children are often particularly attached to pets, especially when the pet has been present for the child’s entire life. But when a couple in Texas gets divorced, what happens to the family pet? If you are considering divorce and wondering whether you will be able to keep your cat or dog, read on.

Pets are Legal Property

While a pet has nothing in common with a car, legally speaking, pets are considered property under Texas law just like money, vehicles, and any other asset. Texas is a community property state, which means that any property that either spouse acquires during the marriage is considered marital property and must be divided. Usually, property is divided equally between spouses unless there is a good reason for doing otherwise.

Clearly, a pet cannot be divided into two. But unless one partner owned the pet before the marriage and can claim the pet as individual property, rather than marital property, the pet’s post-divorce ownership must be determined. Some common arrangements spouses may settle on include:

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