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dallas divorce lawyerMost spouses want to get through their Texas divorce as peaceably as possible and avoid unnecessary conflict. Reasonable negotiation efforts often prove very helpful to these spouses as they seek to divide marital property and create a fair parenting plan. 

Unfortunately, some spouses have unstable or violent personalities that can turn a divorce into a nightmare. If your spouse has begun to destroy property, spend money irresponsibly, or sell or give property away, you may need to take immediate action to recover your portion of the wasted assets and prevent further waste. 

File For Divorce Right Away

If neither you nor your spouse have yet filed for divorce, you need to do so right away. It is virtually impossible to protect your property without a court issuing an order placing limits on your spouse’s behavior. 


dallas divorce lawyerShock. Surprise. Anger. All of these feelings are very common in people who have been surprised with divorce papers. You may have known that your marriage was not going well, but a process server showing up at your house with a Petition for Divorce might still have been an unpleasant, unexpected event. 

Even if you were completely caught off guard when your spouse served you with divorce papers, it is essential to respond carefully and thoughtfully. Rushing angrily into the divorce process will do far more harm than good, even if your anger is completely justified. Begin with understanding the legal terms of divorce, dates for responding to your spouse’s petition, and other important details. Then work with an experienced Texas divorce attorney to develop a strategy for managing your divorce process

My Spouse Served Me With Divorce Papers. What Do I Need to Do First? 

The first thing you need to do is understand that you are now the “respondent” and your spouse is the “petitioner.” Neither the respondent nor the petitioner are more advantageous but it is important to know who you are so you can understand the divorce papers in front of you. 


dallas child support lawyerChild support payments, whether ordered in a divorce decree or through a SAPCR for unmarried parents, are intended to cover a child’s needs until she turns 18 or graduates from high school. Even when child support payments are paid on time and parents generally agree about how to raise a child, there are often still questions about what, exactly, child support payments are intended to cover. 

One grey area that parents frequently wonder about is academic tutoring. As research continues to come out about how lockdowns intended to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 have negatively impacted math and reading scores, parents are scrambling to find ways to help their children catch up. The cost of tutoring can leave parents reeling: Depending on the quality and experience of the tutor, some parents are asked to pay up to $100 an hour. This can result in thousands of extra dollars in costs over the school year and begs the question: Should child support cover tutoring? And, if so, can a child support order be modified to include a tutor’s costs? 

What Does Child Support Cover in Texas? 

Child support payments are meant to cover a child’s basic needs. This includes her medical and dental care, her housing, clothing, and food, and her educational needs. Activities that are considered extracurricular - such as sports, club activities, and summer camps - are generally not included in child support payments. They are seen as unnecessary extras, and, while parents can agree together to enroll a child in extracurricular activities, a parent cannot usually be required to pay for them with child support payments. 


texas personal injury lawyerThe job of an insurance adjuster is to ensure the company pays out the least amount of money in any given case. After all, insurance companies are private for-profit entities, and large payouts can undermine their bottom line. It is important to remember this because insurance adjusters are often trained to be polite, friendly, and to sound concerned and even apologetic. They are skilled conversationalists who are trying to spur an informal discussion in which you might reveal information that could be helpful to their company. No matter how nice the adjuster seems, be wary of their approach and follow these tips when they call after a Texas car accident, truck accident, or any other case involving a personal injury

Do Not Give Recorded Statements

An insurance adjuster may ask you to give a recorded statement or ask to record the conversation. You do not have to agree to have the conversation recorded, even if they state that the call is already being recorded. Simply say you do not consent to the call being recorded and end the conversation if necessary. 

Get the Information of the Person Who Calls You

Before discussing any information about the case, get the information of the person calling you. This includes their name, the company they’re calling from, the name of the other party the company insures, and the adjuster’s contact information. This way, you can keep track of the conversation more easily and give your attorney the information they need to contact this person again if necessary. 


dallas divorce lawyerPeople all over the world use social media - so much so that someone is a bit of an outlier if they do not. And while such ubiquitous social media use can be a great resource for staying in touch with friends and family, it does have its pitfalls. Divorce is a time when social media can easily turn from a tool into a weapon, including being used as evidence in divorce proceedings. While you should always use social media carefully, exercise extra caution during your divorce. An experienced Texas divorce attorney can help you learn more about how social media can be used safely during divorce; in the meantime, here are five things to do and not do. 

Do Not Post Negative Things About Your Marriage

Divorce typically comes on the heels of many years of resentment and loneliness. It can be natural to want to reach out to your friends and followers to get sympathy and a listening ear. However, experts caution that saying negative things about your marriage or your ex can become a permanent record that could crop up in divorce proceedings. 

Do Make Your Social Media Private

If you choose to use social media during divorce, make sure your privacy settings are carefully set to provide you with the maximum amount of privacy possible. Go through your friends list and remove anyone you worry may comb through your profile for information to use against you. Consider making yourself unsearchable and definitely make it so nobody can tag you in pictures without your approval. 

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